Seoul, South Korea

I am a designer, artist, and aspiring developer currently focused on shaping immersive experiences in virtual reality. Here is a selection of my latest projects and creative ventures. Should there be any questions about my work, please contact me at laertjansen(at)

Unreal Engine Tests (2017)

In order to further my VR technical skills, I developed a few Sci-fi scenes focussing on materials, Blueprints, particles, and landscapes. All the models were created using Cinema 4D while the textures were generated in Substance Painter.

Bullet Riders (2017)

A VR shooting game prototype in which players battle on a Sci-Fi arena while piloting hoverbikes. I collaborated with a small team of two developers by building the scene in Unreal 4 and also creating all the 3D models using Cinema 4D.

The Falling Notes (2017)

An internal proposal for an immersive and interactive story in VR combined with the gameplay of classic platform video games. I wrote the story and created initial visual concepts in Cinema 4D for what I hope to be a VR series someday. 

Planet Drifting (2017)

An open world VR survivor game prototype in which the player lives inside the cockpit of a robot on an alien planet while exploring the surrounds and gathering resources. I collaborated with the team by developing the initial concept art of the environments, crafting the interfaces, art directing the scenes, and designing the overall visual identity.

Music Inside (2016)

A VR rhythm game that allows players to load tracks from either their own library or from the endless playlist of SoundCloud. My role was to art direct the scenes, design the user interfaces, and create the overall visual identity of the project. Music Inside is now available on both Oculus and SteamVR stores.

GameStop Mobile App (2015)

GameStop is the world's largest video game retailer with over 6,000 stores spread across 18 countries. In 2015, they launched their customer-facing app and I was one of the designers in the project. My responsibilities included producing wireframes, prototyping, and also conceiving polished visual concepts of key features.

HughesON Bitflow (2016)

In this mobile game developed for the broadband company 'Hughes' the user must filter packets of data into their correct tubes by pushing the right buttons. My role was to design all the visual concepts and interfaces while providing engineers with assets ready for production.

Space Invaders Reborn (2014)

A Kinect game developed as a side project aiming at exploring emerging technologies and creative ideas. My responsibilities were to design all the visual concepts, interfaces, 3D environments, and title animations.

Nat Geo Krill Game (2015)

In this HTML5 game the user explores the freezing ocean depths of Antarctica by controlling a swarm of krill throughout four different levels. My role was to design all the visual concepts and user interfaces.